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Assessment Purpose

Purpose of this Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to formulate the strategic vision to replace the University of Georgia's (UGA) administrative information systems, analyze the appropriateness and fit of multiple options for new systems, and assess institutional readiness to implement new systems.

In addition to consulting with vendors and industry experts, Collegiate Project Services (CPS) will work with functional, technical, academic, and administrative personnel from UGA and the University System of Georgia Board of Regents to gather the data necessary to complete the assessment.

How We Will Conduct the Assessment

Visioning: The purpose of the Visioning Phase will be to help UGA establish a framework to guide information systems replacement, identify strategic goals, guiding principles and desired outcomes for the replacement, and facilitate a series of solution demonstrations to help educate and inform UGA stakeholders.

Assessing Options: The principal goal of the assessing options phase is to analyze the options identified in UGA’s solicitation for this project and to build a business case to determine the appropriateness and fit of multiple options for new systems, including institutionally-developed, open source/consortium, or proprietary/vendor options.

In determining appropriateness and fit of each option and helping UGA to build a business case for a path forward, we will collect data on UGA functional and technical requirements, we will collect data from vendors and solution providers, and we will conduct a comparative analysis of go forward options against a common set of factors.

Assessing Readiness: CPS will carry out an analysis of the level to which UGA is prepared to implement new administrative information systems. The assessment will be based on sixteen “readiness” factors which we have found to be predictive of successful administrative information system implementation projects in higher education.

CPS will collect data directly from UGA stakeholders in the form of focus group sessions, interviews, and an online survey to formulate the assessment and to make recommendations to close any gaps in readiness.

Specific Outcomes

The specific outcomes of this assessment include:

  • Overview demonstrations on campus by vendors / solution providers
  • Strategic Goals, Guiding Principles and Desired Outcomes
  • High Level Functional Scope
  • High Level Technical and Infrastructure Requirements
  • Comparative Analysis of possible options for systems replacement
  • Institutional Readiness Scorecard
  • Recommendations to close gaps
  • Implementation strategy recommendations and blueprint
  • High level total cost of ownership analysis and planning level budgets
  • Written reports and presentations of Options Assessment and Readiness Assessment results