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Focus Group Sessions and Surveys

Focus Group Sessions and Surveys 3/25/14

What you can expect if invited participate in a focus group session or survey

One of the goals of this project is to articulate a High Level Functional Scope as well as High Level Technical and Infrastructure Requirements.  CPS will work closely with UGA functional/business and technical staff to better understand the capabilities and challenges of the current systems, and what is required of a potential new administrative information system.

CPS will be collecting this data in a few ways:

CPS will be conducting focus group sessions with selected UGA staff who are most familiar with the use of the existing administrative systems, aligned by business and technical functions.  These sessions will be approximately one to two hours in length.  These will be facilitated brainstorming sessions, where participants will be asked to provide feedback and input on topics such as:

  • articulate strengths and weaknesses of the current systems;
  • identify unmet needs at a high level;
  • collect ideas on vision for the future systems and environment;
  • understand the efficacy of current business processes and how business processes can be improved and/or streamlined.

CPS will also be collecting IT-specific data related to skill sets, staffing levels, and interface/integration requirements that will be essential to consider as we evaluate possible administrative system replacement options. 

All of the data collected will be used by CPS to complete their analysis and develop recommendations for UGA.  Summary data will be included in the final written report.