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The UGA community is embarking on a comprehensive business transformation project to adopt leading business practices, align our systems with those used by the University System of Georgia, and to utilize a new finance and human resources administration system that is integrated, efficient, modern, and supports data-driven decision making.

Key Project Resources

Frequently Asked Questions





Guiding Principles

Governance Organization (Updated - 09/27/19)

Project Timeline

Historical Information

Purpose - Why change

Replace aging legacy systems with a modern efficient system

Integrate, streamline and enhance business processes

Improve data collection and reporting capabilities

Enhance data privacy and security

Standardize business processes across the University System of Georgia

People - Who will see changes

All employees

Research faculty and administrative support staff

Business, finance and human resources support staff

Technical staff


University System of Georgia

Particulars - What changes

Business processes


Shared ownership with USG

Knowledge base

Employee responsibilities, operations and procedures



Aging systems: This project is aimed at replacing our aging financial and human resources administrative systems that were designed decades ago.

Update business processes: Many of our current business processes are simply electronic versions of paper processes and are inefficient or require back-office manual entry.

Modification is unsustainable: Modifying our current business technology systems is no longer a sustainable practice or an efficient approach.

Integrate internally and with the University System of Georgia (USG): Moving forward to the newest generation finance system and partnering with USG on the corresponding human resources system will allow for better collaboration with USG as UGA will be on shared platform with the other 28 USG academic institutions.

UGA is ready: The Collegiate Project Services survey, interviews, and focus group sessions clearly identified that schools, colleges and university departments need updated and efficient functionality, improved data access, and reporting.

Key Goals

Integration of data across areas so that each department will have the information it requires when needed;

Streamlined business processes to enable faculty and staff to work and plan more effectively;

Reporting tools that will improve data access and UGA's ability to make data-driven decisions;

Collaboration with the University System of Georgia’s “OneUSG” project to provide standardized human resources business practices and IT platforms across institutions;

Identification and adoption of leading standards and best practices for current and future information technology architecture; and

Improved data privacy and security.


All employees will see some change from this project, even if only in the way that their electronic paystub is distributed. The largest change will be in financial and human resources business processes both centrally and distributed. Many others, including technical staff, administrative approvers, and grants administrators and researchers will experience changes in processes and systems.


UGA will experience significant change not only in financial and human resources processes, but also in technology and shared ownership with USG. These changes will bring about shifts in our employee responsibilities, knowledge bases, in operational tasks and procedures, and ultimately in the culture of how we function administratively. UGA will also have to change the way that it reports and transmits data to the University System of Georgia, integrates with external business partners, and analyzes data and prepares reporting.


Page Last Update:  09/27/19