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Chart of Accounts


Click the image above to view a concise description of each chartfield with links to view all current chartfield values. This also includes commonly used chartfield values.

This Quick Reference guide explains what a chartfield is and why UGA uses them, along with links to webpages and additional information.

New chartfields can be requested by users with the "chartfield requestor" role. Click this image to view a step-by-step tutorial on requesting a chartfield.

New SpeedTypes can be requested by users with the "speedtype creator" role. Click this image for a step-by-step tutorial on requesting SpeedTypes.


  • Chart of Accounts Report
    This Tableau report replaces the previous Excel-based chart of accounts reference document, with improved functionality including a daily refresh with the most current chartfield values, ability to set custom views, ability to search and filter in a variety of different ways, and more! 

  • General Ledger Crosswalk (January 2019)

    • The Chart of Accounts crosswalk spreadsheet contains all legacy crosswalks.The spreadsheet tool allows users to gather more data and to create translation formulas in other work spreadsheets.  The crosswalk spreadsheet includes the Operating Unit and Chartfield1 where applicable.

  • Nature of Account Rules (December 2020)
  • Personal Services Object Codes Crosswalk(July 2018)

Creating and Uploading a Journal Spreadsheet:

For departments or units that have a large number of transactions, it may be easier to record the transactions on a spreadsheet and upload to the general ledger. It is best to structure your spreadsheet with columns in the same order as they are on the template you will use to upload the entries to the general ledger. There are two steps in this process:

  1. Create the spreadsheet journal and upload it to the UGA Financial Management System.
  2. Log in to the UGA Financial Management System and run the Edit Process and submit the journal so it can be approved and posted.

Templates may be obtained from the OneSource Service Desk by emailing  Users are strongly advised to attend a training class or participate in online training.

 Documentation/Reference Information:



Page Last Updated:  12/09/20