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Important Information on Pay Date Changes and a New Human Resources/Payroll (OneUSG Connect) System

Monday, November 5, 2018

All UGA employees—faculty, staff, graduate assistants, student workers, and part-time employees—will experience payroll-related changes starting this December, so the OneSource  team would like to provide you with some valuable information well in advance of these changes.

Top 3 Things to Know (see details at the end of this message):

#1:  All employees will see changes, including a new Employee Self Service website and pay date changes.

#2:  Nearly all HR and Payroll processes will change. You will see changes in the way you report time or request leave. If you are a supervisor, you will see changes in the way to approve time and leave requests.

#3:  ArchPass will be required to use the new OneUSG Connect System.

How I Can Prepare:

#1:  Review the new pay dates and plan for any personal financial adjustments (e.g., automatic deductions from your bank account, due dates for personal bills, plans for holiday shopping/travel, etc.). If you are on Academic or Monthly payroll, remember that you will not be paid on the last day that UGA is open prior to our Winter Holiday Break, as has been the norm. Instead, the Academic/Monthly pay date will be December 31, 2018. It will be the last business day of the month from this point forward.

#2:  Review the Faculty and Staff Guide for frequently asked questions and other important information.  The guide includes a checklist for you to complete in preparation for the transition.

#3:  Register for training on how to use the new OneUSG Connect system:  Training Registration. Training will begin in November.  Please work with your supervisor to determine the most appropriate training session to attend.

#4:  Reach out to your supervisor and the Project CoordinatorChange Champion in your unit if you have questions and/or need additional information.

#5:  Tell the OneSource team what questions you have and how we can help you prepare by completing the OneUSG Connect Pre Go-live Survey.

6.  Beginning on November 8, participate in weekly status calls. The entire university community is invited to participate. You can register here.

***********Details **********

Top 3 Things to Know:

#1:  All employees will see changes. For example:

Employees will use a new Employee Self Service tool.  The current UGA Employee Self-Service website will be available until July 1, 2019 to view historical information.

For bi-weekly employees, the work week will change from Thursday – Wednesday to Sunday – Saturday.

Fridays will be pay days for all bi-weekly employees beginning Jan. 4, 2019.  Your pay day will change from Thursday to Friday, but there will also be less time between the end of your pay period and the date you receive your paycheck. 

Academic and Monthly employees will be paid on the last business day of the month.  This will be true even if the last business day of the month is a UGA holiday.

All employees will use the new system to request leave.

#2:  Nearly all human resources and payroll processes will change.  Therefore, as a Supervisor and Employee, you will see changes in the way you do your job. For example:

We will no longer use the Kronos/MyTime system.

Most leave will be initiated by the employee in the system.

Employees will be able to use “self-service” for certain functions, such as to update direct deposit and W-4 information.

#3:  ArchPass will be required for the new OneUSG Connect System.

ArchPass:  UGA’s two- step login solution will be required for the new OneUSG Connect System.

For more  information on Archpass, visit

You will receive additional reminder emails on December 4 and January 2 about the transition to the new OneUSG Connect system.

As always, please email with any questions or feedback you may have.