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Project Coordinator



Change management surrounding the OneSource project requires awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement (ADKAR®) at all institutional levels. Schools, colleges, and units at UGA are diverse and complex, therefore, leadership may wish to appoint and charge an individual (or team reporting to an individual) to serve as the organization’s OneSource Project Coordinator.  The following “role description” is provided as an example set of responsibilities, individual organizations may wish to modify as needed. 

OneSource Project Coordinator Role:

A OneSource Project Coordinator will (for his/her school, college or unit):

  • hold primary responsibility and accountability for leading the internal success of the OneSource project implementation, and
  • be publicly acknowledged and exercise the authority as the project coordinator.

A OneSource Project Coordinator serves as an internal project manager and will ensure that the appropriate faculty and staff are involved in the readiness efforts whether those efforts are volunteer assignments or direct assignments to projects and tasks that will ensure the readiness of the school, college or unit. In this capacity, a OneSource Project Coordinator will maintain responsibility for:

  • coordinating and managing internal resources or internal project teams,
  • attending OneSource status update meetings, which will initially be held monthly and then weekly just prior to implementation go-live dates,
  • coordinating communications flow and readiness efforts with the Change Champion(s),
  • directing all project related deliverables including the review by appropriate internal faculty and staff (example: security role assignments),
  • oversight that departmental system changes are on track,
  • directing the evaluation, assessment, and modification of internal business processes, policies and procedures,
  • identifying training needs and coordinating with managers and supervisors,
  • determining and bringing the appropriate supervisors and managers into the conversation as needed,
  • keeping leadership informed and engaged, and
  • becoming and staying educated on all aspects of the OneSource project.

To assist those tasked with these roles, the OneSource project will:

  • include the OneSource Project Coordinator on all OneSource communications and project status meetings, and
  • provide education and assistance as appropriate.

Contact the OneSource Project Team at to submit individuals appointed to this role or if you have questions.

Documentation/Reference Information:

List of Unit Project Coordinators

Page Last Updated:  02/21/19