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Change Champions


UGA's OneSource Project will not be successful without broad campus engagement.  Change Champions are being identified to help minimize complexity of the implementation, to build accountability and ownership by establishing formal mechanisms for feedback, to enhance the speed that accurate information is disseminated, to maximize productivity, to promote understanding, to advocate positive change, and to explain "What's in it for me?"

  • Change Champions are the key liaison between the OneSource Project Team and the end-user Stakeholders
  • Change Champions provide input to, and validation of, the stakeholder assessment
  • Change Champions facilitate local organizational / departmental communication activities and provide insight into local organizational / departmental job impacts
  • Change Champions monitor status of local change management and communication activities.
  • Change Champions evaluate and help address resistance in their areas.

Please contact UGA's OneSource Project team at if you have questions about Change Champions.

Documentation/Reference Information:

Change Champions Responsibilities
Change Champions by Unit (MyID required)


 Page Last Updated:  3/30/17