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Summer Pay





The standard procedure for submitting Summer Pay amounts will be via the MSS Submit Summer Pay Request Transaction in the OneUSG Connect System (navigation:  Navigator > Manager Self Service > Compensation and Stock > Submit Summer Pay Request).  This transaction will collect the summer pay amounts and funding combo code(s) for each payroll month during the Summer Academic Pay months.  This information will be used to populate Additional Pay which will be included with the on-cycle payroll process.

When approving MSS Requests for Summer Pay, it is expected that amounts and funding sources are checked for compliance by the approver.  This includes validating that the monthly amounts do not exceed the 33.3333% or 11.1111% limits.  If the request does not meet the requirements for being approved, it must be denied so another request can be submitted.  The original request cannot be edited to update the information after the fact.  Multiple MSS Summer Pay Requests cannot be in process at the same time; one request must be completed before another one can be submitted for the same faculty.

The Exception Process for Summer Pay will utilize an Exception Form to provide the summer amount(s) and funding combo code(s) to payroll. The Departmental System Manager will submit the Exception Form via the Manager Self Service (MSS) Request transaction in OneUSG Connect (navigation:  Navigator > Manager Self Service > Forms > Manager Self Service Request).  The Exception Form should be attached to the MSS Request transaction and will follow the workflow to obtain authorization.

EXCEPTION FORM: The Summer Pay Submission Exception Form is available here.


Exceptions and Changes:

New Summer Hires

  • See next section (Faculty Hired for Summer Session) for more details;
  • For the purposes of this section, New Hire refers to someone who was not already in OneUSG Connect prior to May and seated in the position for which they will receive Summer Pay;
  • For Part Time and Limited Term faculty, a copy of the completed summer part-time letter of agreement or limited term offer letter should be on file in OFA and attached to the MSS transaction along with the Exception Form to facilitate faster review and approval.

Cross Departmental Faculty (Applicable for full-time (1.0 FTE) regular faculty)

  • Suggested best practice for cross-departmental faculty summer assignments or funding arrangements is for the Home Department to process all summer pay requests for the faculty member, including requests “on behalf of” the non-Home Department or using the alternate department’s funding. If this option is not available, the non-Home Department may submit an Exception Form as an HRWEB Ticket to request central HR to submit the exception via MSS Request. Summer Academic Payroll guidelines, including the 11.1111% limits, remain in place no matter the processing method.

Changes needed after payroll has run

  • For Retro Pay (Backpay) submit an Exception Form. These will follow the normal departmental approval processes through MSS Request (navigation: Navigator > Manager Self Service > Forms > Manager Self Service Request), accepted throughout the month, and will be processed as received based on payroll deadlines. It is recommended that the Exception Forms are submitted in time to receive all necessary approvals by the HR/Payroll deadline to ensure payment in the current month. Processing should follow normal payroll deadlines and pay out on the following monthly payroll date.
  • If an employee has been overpaid for one of the summer pay sessions, an Overpayment Request must be submitted to correct the payment.
  • If the redistribution of summer school payroll expenditures is needed after the payroll has posted to the general ledger, a MSS Express Direct Retro should be submitted in OneUSG Connect. EDR processing is subject to end of year deadlines.

Regardless of the entry method, all summer payroll will be processed through OneUSG Connect as Additional Pay. In May, faculty who worked both Spring Semester and Maymester should receive two separate direct deposits and/or paychecks to reflect their Regular Pay and the Additional Pay. All pay will be issued on the normal monthly payroll processing dates. Retirement (TRS/ORP/GDCP) and appropriate taxes will be deducted.



While units should be processing Summer Payroll only for individuals in their schools/colleges/units, the final validation of entries for a faculty needs to be completed at the same time as other monthly payroll validation.  Payroll and business officers from different units should coordinate with each other regarding joint funded/appointed summer payroll. In addition, all summer salary guidelines and limits must be kept even in these conditions.

Existing monthly validation queries should be run once pay sheets are created for the month.  These are available in the Monthly Pay Query Group in the OneUSG Connect Work Center Payroll section.

Summer Pay queries are available for determining maximum summer amounts and reviewing the entries made through the Summer Pay process.  These queries may be run at any time and are contained in the Summer Pay Query Group in the OneUSG Connect Work Center Payroll section.

Departments should review the Summer Pay queries prior to each payroll run and adjust as necessary (see above).