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Summer Pay




These procedures are for payment to part-time, limited term, and full-time faculty paid on academic payroll (e.g. M10 compensation frequency) who also receive summer pay. Summer  Academic Payroll will be submitted via a Manager Self Service (MSS)Summer Pay Request in OneUSG. This process will ensure earnings for the summer payments will be properly categorized and captured.  Summer Pay for academic schedule faculty that cannot be submitted via MSS must be submitted using the Exception Process.

Summer Pay submitted through Manager Self Service (MSS) Summer Pay Request will follow the pre-defined departmental approver order and central office workflow to obtain authorization.  Once the final approval is received, a OneUSG Connect process will add the data to the Summer Pay page.  At the end of each business day, another OneUSG Connect process will collect the data from the Summer Pay page and populate Additional Pay in the Payroll module which will be used to calculate the paycheck.


Rules for Summer Payroll

  • The dollar amount for each month of summer pay cannot exceed 11.1111% of the faculty member’s current academic year annual salary rate (1.0 FTE; e.g. use AY21 annual rate to calculate Summer 2021 pay), allowing for a maximum of 33.3333% compensation for the entire summer period.
  • The employing unit should ensure compliance , during the MSS approval process, that all amounts are within guidelines of applicable UGA and USG requirements governing summer pay compensation and the additional summer pay is included on the paycheck via monthly pay validation.
  • Any continuing part-time or limited term faculty member must have appropriate supporting documents (e.g. part-time letter of agreement, offer letter) on file in OFA and attached to the MSS Summer Pay Request.
  • The Summer Pay processes (OneUSG Connect Summer Pay Standard Process and Summer Pay Exception Process) are the only ways to initiate summer pay for academic year
  • Summer Pay amounts that are submitted after the payroll deadline and not included on the paycheck will be added to the following month’s paycheck.  Off-cycle payment requests will not be processed for late summer pay entries.
  • Entries for Summer Pay will need to be submitted and receive final approval by 5pm on the deadline date, as listed on the table below. Also, a Summer Academic Payroll Exception Form (guidelines below) should be submitted by 5pm on the deadline date, as listed in the most current Summer School Payroll Calendar linked below.


* Faculty members teaching courses in the Thru Session should be paid 50% of their term salary in Short Session I and 50% in Short Session II

Note: May and June pay dates will be funded and recorded in the current fiscal year. The July pay date will be funded and recorded in the following fiscal year.

** Best practice is to have all necessary approvals by this deadline; anything that is not approved by this deadline may not be processed until the next monthly on-cycle payroll process, however, Payroll will attempt to process it as soon as possible.





Video Walkthrough of the Summer Pay Process

Note: This video is from 2021, but the process is the same. We hope this is helpful!