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Summer Pay





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Standard Process

Exception Process

Summer pay/continuation of Spring position

checkmark X

“Borrowed” faculty1 working for different department than during the Spring

checkmark X

Change previously entered amount but prior to the monthly deadline (e.g. before the May deadline of 5/19/21 for summer pay submissions, change Maymester amount from 2,000 to 2,500)

checkmark X

Add a new amount for a previously $0 amount (e.g. filled in a Maymester amount but left June at $0)

checkmark X

Split funding for a previously entered amount but prior to the monthly deadline (e.g. June was originally funded by only one combo code but now needs to be split between two combo codes)

checkmark X

Faculty new hire for Summer session(s) only (e.g. Start date = June 1)

X checkmark

Retro-pay (Back-pay) for a month after that payroll has been processed (e.g. pay Maymester on June pay check)

X checkmark

Part-Time Faculty hired for summer and starting with the beginning of Maymester

X checkmark

Pre-Contract Academic Contract Faculty

X checkmark

Change funding for payroll expense after the payroll has already been processed; this needs to be done through the normal EDR process


Legend:checkmarkYes           X No


There are two ways for the summer department to get the faculty’s summer pay into the Summer Pay page if within the normal entry deadline: 

  • Option 1: Request the Home department enter the information on the summer department’s behalf
  • Option 2:  Submit a ticket requesting the Central HR enter the summer pay information