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Summer Pay





With the implementation of Academic Year Pay (AYP) in August 2021, it is no longer necessary to set the compensation rate to $0 for existing academic schedule faculty in the 18F pay group (18F faculty hired on or after June 1, will still need to have the comp rate at $0 for June and July; and will need to have Summer Pay submitted via the exception process using the Exception Form).  The payroll process will not process a paycheck for the job compensation rate for 18F faculty setup with AYP.  If no Summer Pay is submitted for that individual, a paycheck will not be generated in June or July.  Any Summer Pay amount that is submitted will be added to the Additional Pay payroll component which will result in a check being processed.

Academic schedule faculty in the 18P pay group are not included in AYP.  These individuals will still need to have their compensation rate changed to $0 effective June 1, which will prevent them from receiving their regular pay during June and July.  Any pay received during these months will need to be submitted using the summer pay process.  To validate that the appropriate Summer Pay job data row has been added, verify the compensation rate has been set to $0 effective June 1.  The Action/Action Reason on the job record will be SUM/CNV for this job data row.

The update to the employee job data record to include this 6/1 SUM/CNV row will be completed centrally.  Departments should verify this job data row exists for their academic schedule faculty prior to the monthly payroll process including summer hires (for hires after 6/1 in both the 18P and 18F pay group, the SUM/CNV row will have the same effective date as the hire).  If this job data row is absent, submit a ticket to requesting the job data row be added.

For part-time faculty (18P) returning for the Fall Semester, departments will need to submit an Ad Hoc Salary Change Request (navigation:  Navigator > Manager Self Service > Compensation and Stock > Request Ad Hoc Salary Change) for each individual with the updated compensation rate for fall.  For any faculty not returning for the fall and who will no longer be employed at UGA, submit a Termination Request navigation:  Navigator > Manager Self Service > Job and Personal Information > Terminate Employee).