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Summer Pay





The budgetary impact of a given payroll is based on semester pay dates, and summer pay dates have already been assigned to specific fiscal years (see Summer Pay Dates Matrix).

Any overdrafts resulting from summer school payroll expenses will be treated like any other budget overdraft and overspent funds will be returned to UGA’s central office. There will be no requirement to request approval to overdraft due to summer payroll or to advise that summer payroll will create an overdraft. 


Accounting Notes:

Summer pay will not encumber and will show as accounting actuals after the monthly payroll process has closed.

Combo Codes are used in the Summer Process. Units and Departments should ensure that Combo Codes are appropriate for the type of work being compensated, including Research, Instruction, Administration, etc. 

Any new Combo Codes needed for Summer Pay should follow the standard request process and will not appear as an option for Summer Pay until fully approved.


OneUSG Summer Pay Process:

Below you will find a description of the Summer Pay business process. A Visio diagram has been provided on the Summer Pay Approval & Decision Matrix page that provides a visual representation of the process.

  • Users begin by using the Summer Faculty Query to retrieve information to submit summer pay.
  • Using the OneUSG Connect Manager Self Service (MSS) Submit Summer Pay Request (navigation: Navigator > Manager Self Service > Compensation and Stock > Submit Summer Pay Request), the users can submit summer pay for their faculty employees.
  • If the scenario requires use of the exception process, the user should follow the instructions above and the instructions provided on the exception form.
  • Validate the summer pay during monthly payroll processing.



Processing Prior to Summer Payroll:

Prior to May 1st, units should confirm $0 compensation rate effective June 1, for academic faculty in the 18P pay group and should process terminations for any Full Time, Part-time and Limited term Faculty with assignments ending in May (effective last day worked as May 31st) utilizing the existing MSS Termination transaction. This will then allow central UGA HR, working with OFA, to process job entries for all remaining 18P academic schedule faculty for Summer row (SUM/SUM) and set their compensation rate to $0 in preparation for additional pay for summer payroll. If you have any questions, please contact University Human Resources at or 706-542-2222.