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Data Analysis and Reporting Resources


The UGA community desires data analysis and reporting resources that:

  • Integrate data from all UGA data domains
  • Provide a “single source of the truth”
  • Provide transactional level detail that can be used for reporting or analysis
  • Ensure data quality

Users have a number of reporting tools available to them through Simpler, query tools within PeopleSoft, and the UGA Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse contains financial data and other data domains such as: human resources, student, facilities, development and other data.


Reporting Inventory –

  • This website provides a listing of financial reports and queries including descriptions, reporting platform (PeopleSoft vs. Simpler vs. Data Warehouse) and a link to the report or query.

Troubleshooting your reporting and data warehouse questions:

  • You can submit your questions online at:
  • From you can access a chat function for assistance with reporting and data questions.
  • Contact the OneSource Service Desk
  • Anyone wishing to use the Data Warehouse will need 02 Restricted VPN access. If you do not have this access, please see:
  • The Query Manager and Query Viewer search pages can include a list of queries called My Favorite Queries. If you use certain queries often, you can put the queries in this list for easy access.
    • Note: Although you can view a list of favorites, you can't create a list of favorites in the Query Viewer.

    • To add a query to the My Favorite Queries list:

      1. Select Reporting Tools, then select Query, then select Query Manager.
      2. On the Query Manager Search Results page, select the query that you want to add to the My Favorite Queries list.
      3. Select the Add to Favorites option from the Action drop-down list box.4. Click the Go button.
  • The query appears in the My Favorite Queries list group box.
  • Note: You can add multiple queries to the My Favorite Queries list at once by selecting several queries before selecting Add to Favorites and clicking the Go button.
  • FIN MGMT is real time – all other sources are 1 day behind
  • Some query parameters are required but will allow you to input wild card = % if you want to pull all values
  • Budget Analysis & Planning will use summary level not detail
  • GL is not needed for monthly review analysis – this is for Financial Reporting only
  • For more information about the Data Warehouse, its architecture, and how data from source systems get to the warehouse see:


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Page Last Updated:  12/23/19