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Project, Activity and PC Bus Unit



The Project chart field is used as a unique identifier sponsored projects/grants, capital projects, and non‐sponsored projects (e.g., RNIHX0001002301, CFMD1916, etc.) 

Project ID provides for additional functionality unique to projects accounting (project life, defined period, defined activities, etc.) as defined in the PeopleSoft Project Costing module. The chart field should be used in revenue and expenditure coding for these type transactions, and may also be used, if desired, in coding for balance sheet transactions. For capital and non‐sponsored projects, the chart field will provide additional functionality in tracking expenditures for special purposes.

Characteristics of a project value typically include the following:

  • Defined begin and end dates
  • Designated budget or funding support
  • Specific group of participants
  • One time event or initiative
  • May cross fiscal years
  • May have distinct reporting requirements


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For sponsored projects, the project id will begin with an S to designate Sponsored Project – UGA and R to designate a Sponsored Project – UGARF. The next 4 characters will represent the sponsor designation. The next 8 digits will be the ClickID. This is a unique number generated by the eResearch Portal. The last 2 digits will be defaulted to “01” with the understanding that these characters are reserved for potential use on future scenarios.


For capital projects, the project id will begin with a C and contain between 9 and 15 characters.


For non‐sponsored projects, the project id will begin with an N and contain between 2 and 15 characters. A non‐sponsored project ID should be used for tracking projects or events that have:

  • A budget
  • A specific start and end date

There are two project specific chart fields that are unique to the project costing module. Those are: