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Department chartfields  represent cost centers and are often referred to as financial departments.  These may align with academic or operational units, but there is not a 1:1 relationship between the two. For example, one HR department may have multiple financial departments because there are reasons to segregate and report on costs or revenues within that organization separately. 

The department chart string is a specialized academic or operational unit responsible for one or more support functions or programs. Combined with other chart field values, they can form the basis for department budgets that track expenditures.

Department values are defined uniformly and consistently across the university and represent an independent organizational unit as defined in an organizational hierarchy and roll‐ to various hierarchical levels such as department, college, organization, division, executive and presidential. This field is an 8‐digit alphanumeric value.

The first two digits represent the intermediate unit with budgetary responsibility for the department (unit) ID. The next three digits represent the department/unit and the last three digits can be assigned to facilitate needs for sub‐departments or groupings.

Department Number Components