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UGA Budget Management is a reporting and planning system used for a variety of reporting, budget planning, and salary setting purposes.  It functions as the primary tool for the annual Budget Planning and Salary Setting, works as a budgetary reporting tool, and provides budget journal creation assistance. 


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UGA Budget Management has a variety of reporting options. Campus users are encouraged to review available reports and request new reports by contacting

Reports are focused on providing information to assist users in managing their budgets. These reports can be high level and focused on overall operations, or detailed with specific chartfields displayed.

Users can access reports by logging in, then clicking “Explore” in the upper left area, then open the “UGA Reports (Current)” folder. There are subfolders to identify the focus of the reports. Most reports have a “Department” prompt, while some may have additional prompts. Users will want to type the letter of the chartfield and then the number.


  • Department: D61051000
  • Fund: F10000
  • Program: P11200
Budget Planning and Salary Setting (BPSS)

BPSS is an annual event at UGA to develop the next fiscal year budget and, when permitted by the Board of Regents, provide our employees merit increases. The BPSS tool, called “BUDDEV,” is available in UGA Budget Management in late summer of each year. Users can begin providing employee funding and creating their chartstring budgets once it is made available. We do ask that users abstain from providing merit increases until official merit amounts are communicated in the spring of each cycle.

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions from our first year of using BPSS within UGA Budget Management:

  • When will merit amounts be announced?
    • Merit guidelines will be provided in April of each year.
  • When can I do additional personnel documents for changes happening after BPSS?
    • Unlike in WebDFS, position changes occurring after the system closes will not require additional work in OneUSG Connect or UGA Jobs.
    • Users will want to check their budgets in July and amend, if needed, to account for budget needs in personal services account codes.
  • How will supplements be handled?
    • Multiple Components of Pay should be in effect at UGA in January 2020. This will be incorporated within BPSS for FY21 and future fiscal years.
  • Will my faculty members still be 9-month contracts?
    • The Manage Faculty Events team will be handling the contract distribution. A Short Work Break will be inserted for all academic year faculty employees.
  • Is there training?
    • Training is available in the Knowledge Base.
      • Topics in the course include: Viewing an Allocation Sheet, Budgeting Line Item Chartstrings, Providing Funding, Setting Salary, and Working with Budget Development Reports.
      • In person training is being discussed as BPSS enhancements are rolled out.
Quarterly Amendment Review (QAR)

On a quarterly basis, the University Budget Office (UBO) reports to the Board of Regents (BOR) the budget for the University of Georgia (UGA). One of the primary breakdowns of this reporting is by fund code (detail) and account code type (Revenue, Personal Services, NonPersonal Services). To assist in this reporting requirement, UBO is asking each intermediate unit/school/college to have a positive balance in each fund code that begins with a “1” and each account code type that is within the unit.

User can find additional information regarding the QAR, such as dates and standard operating procedures, on the University Budget Office website.

Current Functionality:

  • Canned Reporting using the Financial Reporting functionality
  • Ad Hoc reporting in Excel using the Smart View add-in
  • Budget Amendments Using Find Money Tool
  • Budget Planning and Salary Setting
UGA Budget Management System Training:
Documentation/Reference Information:


Page Last Updated:  08/23/19