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This page contains information regarding planning activities around departmental systems and business process in  preparation for the  transition to OneSource. 


  • A community forum  was held as an initial discussion regarding how  to prepare departmental systems and business process for PeopleSoft in December 2016.
    • Information regarding departmental systems  was discussed in Spring 2017 Departmental Meetings.
    • Schools/Colleges/Units provided initial input on plans regrading departmental systems in Spring 2017.
    • Schools/Colleges/Units completed a sign-off process on departmental systems and business process  plans  in Summer  2017.
    • OneSource Team began regular planning  meetings with schools/college/units that were identified  to have key integrations in Summer  2017.
    • Departmental Systems plans were incorporated into overall Mainframe Decommission Planning.   Quarterly updates to the community on the Mainframe Decommission began  in Summer 2017.
    • Information on key systems that were changing as part of the transition to OneSource were published in Fall 2017.
    • Information regarding departmental systems  was discussed in Fall  2017 Departmental Meetings.
    • An interfaces presentation was given to the IT community in December 2017 on more detailed plans regarding interfaces and the data warehouse.
    • Schools/Colleges/Units completed a  check-in survey on departmental systems plans in January 2018.
    • A forum was held in March 2018 on the Data Warehouse and  how schools/colleges/units should plan to utilize the Data Warehouse.
    • Schools/Colleges/Units completed the next quarters check-in survey in April 2018.
    • Schools/Colleges/Units will complete quarterly surveys for FY19 in July 2018, October 2018, January 2019, and April 2019.
  • Common Departmental Data Feeds to UGA Financial Management System (Added 5.31.18) (MyID required)


Preparing Departmental Systems and Business Processes for PeopleSoft Presentation December 2016
Interfaces Presentation to ITMF/UGANET December 2017

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Last Modified:  7/26/18