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Technical Resources

This page contains information related to technical resources including documents, resources, presentations, and frequently asked questions.  Please contact UGA's OneSource team at if you have questions about this page.


  • While PeopleSoft is web based and requires no specific plugins like Java or Flash, it does rely on local code stored in the browser cache for performance, etc.
  • At times, there maybe situations after system updates where the local cache will have old code that conflicts with 'live' code. Sometimes the browser doesn't fetch the new code. This will manifest itself in any number of ways from the application not loading properly at login, to popup errors about data integrity issues, etc.
  • If  users run into situations where they report, "PeopleSoft is not working right," their first course of action should be to clear their browser cache and log in again to see if the problem can be duplicated.  If the problem persists, users should contact the OneSource Service Desk at


End-User Workstation Requirements

General end-user workstation hardware requirements are as follows:

  • 4 Gb of RAM is the minimum recommended for 64 bit physical computers.
  • Intel® Core™ i3 or equivalent is recommended. Faster processors will result in better PeopleSoft product response times.
  • The response time also improves with the latest versions of browsers. Versions of Internet Explorer higher than Internet Explorer 9 or up are required.
  • VGA controller and display of 1024x768 resolution or higher and High Color (16 bit) mode for the best display results.
  • Popups must be allowed from OneSource applications or reports and other features may not appear
  • and should be whitelisted in popup blockers.

NOTE: The typical workstations for power users require a minimum 8 Gb RAM of memory on the client. Microsoft Windows 7 is the minimum supported operating system version. This assumes that a typical power user will run three browsers (two for transactions, one for process monitor).


Minimum Browser Requirements

Last Updated 1/22/2024

  • Apple Safari (OSX) 14.X
  • Apple Safari (iOS) 14.X
  • Google Chrome (Windows) 106.X
  • Google Chrome (Android) 10.X
  • FireFox 105.X
  • Internet Explorer No Longer Supported
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 106.X


UGA Budget Management Web Interface:

The UGA Budget Management System web interface is supported in both Internet Explorer 9-11 (PC only) and Mozilla Firefox 31+ (on both Mac OS and Windows, please note Firefox 45+ only supports 32-bit version). Users will need to use either of these browsers to access and use the website when using the UGA Budget Management System. Safari, Chrome and Edge are not currently supported.


OS Version

Supported Browsers

Microsoft Windows

Internet Explorer 9 through 11

  • To work on Internet Explorer and Firefox, Calculation Manager requires Adobe Flash Player v10+ to be installed.
    • EXCEPTION: Internet Explorer 11.x is certified for Interactive Reporting only when used with the iHTML client.
    • EXCEPTION: Internet Explorer 11.x Enterprise Mode is supported for Interactive Reporting only when used with the Web Client.

Firefox 31 through 44 ESR (32 and 64 bit)

  • EXCEPTION: 32-bit binaries only for: Interactive Reporting.
  • EXCEPTION: Firefox 31+ ESR is not supported for Interactive Reporting.
  • Firefox 45+ ESR (32 bit only)

Chrome 29+

  • EXCEPTION: Only certified for Hyperion Planning and only with Simplified Interface


Smart View:

  • Hyperion users may need the Oracle Smart View for Office Plugin from within the Hyperion application once they are granted access. The link can be found in the menu bar under "Tools -> Install -> Smart View." 

  • Smart View OS Requirements

Smart View usability requires use of Microsoft Office 2007 or newer on a Windows Operating System. Oracle does not currently support Microsoft product on Mac. Mac users can run a Virtual Machine on their computers and run Windows OS and then utilize Smart View through this tool. 

(Future) Excel macros will be required for the use of some UGA Budget Management functions.  Additionally, macros will be required by a limited subset of users who will utilize PeopleSoft spreadsheet uploader functionality.

Page Last Modified:  12/23/19