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Sponsored Projects Report (Project Status Report)


The Project Status Report provides project financial information including budgets, actuals, encumbrances, remaining balances and burn rates. This report is now available for use.


  • You must have already been granted access to Simpler via the UGA Financial Management System to access the data warehouse. 
  • Connect to the “02 Restricted” VPN and navigate to From the Available Reports section, scroll down to Most Commonly Used and you will find a link to the Project Status Report. Or, you can navigate directly to the report in the UGA Data Warehouse by going to and selecting the “Reporting Portal” button


  • Yes. In addition to sponsored projects, this report also includes capital and other non-sponsored projects.
  • The data warehouse is refreshed from PeopleSoft on a nightly basis, so this report will show all transactions through approximately 1:00 a.m. on the current day.
  • We made every effort to develop this report to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Training materials are available in the Training Library on this page. Note that you will need to deselect #NA in the Project ID field to show all projects.

Page Last Modified:  8/9/18