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Sponsored Projects Conversion (July 2018)



This page provides information on (a) when users will be able to see current sponsored projects balances in the new UGA Financial Management system and (b) how users can calculate available balances on sponsored projects during the July conversion period. 


When will I be able to see updated balances for my sponsored projects in the UGA Financial Management System?

  • Grants conversion is an ongoing process. You will see the majority of grants data in the system on July 2. The OneSource team will continue to load grants data during the month of July to update the system with project expenditures through June 30 and related year-end entries.
  • By July 31, actual balances across all sponsored projects will be available and fully updatedin the Financial Management system. 
  • Sponsors will be billed through the new system starting in July and ongoing, so these project balances will remain current in the system.  
  • The new Project Status Report will also be live and accessible for campus users in August.

 How does this affect me?

  • You will still be able to spend on your sponsored projects as usual. There is no impact to project spending. Initiate all transactions in the new Financial Management System. 
  • Current reports such as the ‘Account Status Report’ and the ‘My Grants’ section of the UGA self-service website will remain in place to show project balances through June 30.  
  • During the month of July, we encourage you to reference the June 30 available balances when initiating new expenditures to avoid the possibility of overspending. Please reference the job aid noted below for recommended procedures.

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Page Last Modified:  8/9/18