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During the OneSource Project transition, there were many opportunities for the campus community to participate. This page provides descriptions of each of the types of participants who helped during that transition.

Documentation/Reference Information:

Participation Roles - List of participation/volunteer roles
Participation Survey -
Complete this survey to share how you would like to participate/volunteer

Participation Roles

Change Champions
  • Eyes and ears in the organization
  • Positive messengers for the project
  • Regular information to be “in the know”
  • Continuous feedback on campus pulse
Advisory Teams
  • 30-50 individuals to be inclusive
  • Cover known exceptions
  • Some cross-team membership
  • Assign logistical support
  • Delegate note taking
  • May be:
    • Self nominated
    • Hand picked
    • Nominated by organizations
    • Faculty
    • IT
Core Team
  • 3-5 member sub team of the advisory teams
  • Team lead will use on an almost daily basis
  • Sounding board
  • Able to see the big picture
  • Willing to speak up
  • Willing to challenge
  • Coordinates with advisory team
  • Include advisory group for “ongoing knowledge”
  • Bring fresh faces to the table for new perspective
  • Provide training
  • Should be fast learners
  • Include advisory group for “ongoing knowledge”
  • Bring fresh faces with training skills
  • Train the trainer
  • Pair 1&2 as needed especially during initial sessions
Go Live Support
  • Super Users
  • Deploy members out into the organization
  • Have both holistic and module specific members
  • Have daily check-ins with Change Champions to gain feedback
  • Set up hotline with Change Champions
  • Allow for one-on-one training/support
  • Have drop-in areas staged throughout campus
  • Have T-Shirts, Hats, etc. to make support easily identifiable