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Job Codes



UGA has a workforce of almost 10,000, including approximately 7,000 staff (non-faculty). The current UGA Staff Classification and Pay Plan dates back to the 1970s and includes 1591 classifications across 20 job families.  Job classifications are a critical component upon which appropriate pay levels are determined and there is currently a need to better align the Staff Classification and Pay Plan and compensation.

As a part of the university transition to OneUSG Connect HCM, the University of Georgia will adopt the USG Job Categories (B-CATS) as its new Job Code structure. Use of the USG Job Categories will allow the ability to report at a system level consistent with all other USG institutions.  The current working title will be retained as the Official UGA Job Title and a new UGA Job Code will  replace the current UGA Job Classification for employees effective December 16.


The new UGA Job Code will be aligned to the institution’s current salary plan and pay structure and replace the current UGA classification system.  A custom program will be leveraged to update the current legacy system prior to HCM go-live.  An emphasis will be made for units to define their internal organizational structure and Official UGA Job Titles, currently working titles (free form field). As UGA transitions beyond December 2018, it is anticipated further specificity will be identified, especially as it relates to IPEDS reporting requirements.

Human Resources is working to collapse the current UGA Classification structure into the new UGA Job Code structure.  As a part of this process, the project team is also aligning the new Job Code structure to the current UGA staff salary plan. 

Benefits include:

  • Faster response to changing business needs;
  • Redefine and expand career progression and professional growth for staff positions;
  • More flexibility to reward employees for their contribution; and
  • Strengthen ability to hire and retain top talent.


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