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Human Capital Management Departments



As UGA transitions to use OneUSG Connect as its Human Capital Management (HR/Payroll) system, there is a significant change for UGA to adopt with respect to department numbers. PeopleSoft distinguishes people and organizational groups from cost centers (financial departments) used for accounting and budgetary purposes.  The reason for this is that HR data is not about organizing costs; it’s about organizing people. Not all financial departments (or cost enters) will be a HR department because not all cost centers have people in them.

Therefore, in our “new world” department numbers for HR purposes will be different from department numbers for cost center/financial purposes.  While this concept will be a significant change at UGA, it provides us with several awesome benefits.  


Workshops will be held in early April 2018 to work together with schools/colleges/units to identify HR Departments that will be used in OneUSG Connect. We will provide a list of current departments,centers, and institutes that we have compiled from multiple systems. We will use that list to remove cost centers and add any additional HR Departments needed.

Documentation/Reference Information:

Bulk Department Change Form (MyID Required)
HR Departments Decision Document (MyID Required)
HR Department Overview

Standard Operating Procedure for "Moving a Position to Another Department"  link here.

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