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Food Reference Chart

Multiple payment methods may be used to make food purchases to include requisition requests, payment requests, petty cash, and purchase orders insofar as these payment methods are not specifically prohibited elsewhere in BOR policy or procedures.  A purchasing card (P-Card) may only be used for food purchases as outlined in the chart below. P-Card thresholds in this policy are shown as less than $2,500; however, cardholders may work with Procurement to obtain an exception to this policy and a higher single transaction limit on their P-cards, which would raise the P-Card threshold to less than $5,000. You can also find more detailed descriptions of the below categories here

Your unit also has the option to use  this Food Purchase Justification Smartsheet, which walks the submitter through the process and documentation requirements, and emails the submitter a recap that can be attached to expense reports or payment requests as documentation.

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*P-Card Guidelines: A detailed description must be added to the comments section in WORKS if food is purchased with a PCard, stating why food was purchased and if for students, faculty/staff, volunteers or other non-UGA employees
** Per Diem Guideliness: View in-state per diem and out-of-state per diem guidelines. These per diem guideliness are the per-person for cost of food, including tips and taxes and the total cost of food purchased from a grocery store and all vendors.