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Financials User Acceptance Testing



This is an exciting time as we approach the OneUSG Connect system User Acceptance Test phase.  UAT provides Campus users an opportunity to validate the new system prior to go-live on December 16, 2018.  In preparation of UAT, a Workshop was held on September 11.  Thank you for those that were able to attend.  The presentation has been loaded to this site below.

A few reminders:

  • Calendar Invites will be mailed to all testers starting the end of the month.  Please know, while these invitations will request you test on specific days initially, you may be requested to come back for further testing.
  • All testing will be conducted at the OneSource Testing and Training Facility.  Details of the facility, including parking, are noted in the document below.
  • Testing will start at 9AM – number of days and length of the time will be noted in your calendar invite.

What to bring to testing?

  • Laptops or tablet, if you have these and prefer using you own, else the facility has desktop machines.
  • Your ArchPass Duo device! 

Documentation/Reference Information:

OneSource Testing and Training Facility Information
UAT Kick-off Presentation (Added September 11, 2018)

Page Last Updated:  09/13/18