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To provide end users with enterprise wide access to financial documents, OneSource will use Content 7 as the preferred archive for all documentation supporting transactions in the UGA Budget Management System, UGA Financial Management System, and UGA Cash Management System. This archive can also be used for complementary business document store/retrieve and archival purposes. Not all of these systems will be integrated with Content 7 as of July 2018; document integrations and additions will happen over time.

Content 7, as the successor system to Nolij Web, is supported by EITS.  Content 7 is available to UGA units and departments. Please contact David Crouch, Director of Web and Mobile Technology, at, for additional information.


As of July 1, 2018, Content 7 will be used for the following:

  • Post Award Accounting: Content 7 will store/archive documents associated with the financial management of grants/contracts.
  • UGAMart: Content 7 will archive documents which reside in UGAMart and serves as an additional/backup mechanism (other than UGAmart) to store and access purchasing documents.
  • After July 1, 2018, OneSource will develop a plan and schedule to integrate documents used in UGA Financial Management (PeopleSoft) with Content 7. This will allow users to search and retrieve documents without having to know specific dates or transactional information to find the document. Document storage in Content 7 for items associated with UGA Budget Management System and UGA Cash Management system, for example, will also be planned and scheduled for future implementation.
  • Content 7 is located within the ArchPass Restricted VPN and is approved for the storage of documents containing sensitive and restricted information.
  • Content 7 is also called Perceptive Content.



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Page Last Modified:  6/18/2018