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Combo Codes



Combination codes (‘combo codes’) are used by OneUSG Connect to assign funding to a position.

Combo codes represent a financial chartstring. Combo codes include the following chartfields:

  • Fund
  • Program
  • Class
  • Department ID
  • Project ID (if used)
  • PC Business Unit (required if Project ID is used)
  • Activity ID (required if Project ID is used)
  • Chartfield 1 (if used)
  • Operating Unit (if used)

The budget reference chartfield is automatically assigned based on the accounting period of the payroll entry.  The account code chartfield is mapped based on the paygroup and earnings code associated with the position. 

There can only be one combo code for each unique financial chartstring.

Combo codes are 14 digits in length and suspense combo codes are 17 digits.

The first two digits of a combo code will be 18, the next eight digits are the finance department number, and the last four digits are a sequential number (starting with 1001, 1002, 1003, etc.)

The first two digits of a suspense combo code will be 18, the next 8 digits are the finance department, the next 4 digits are a sequential number, and the last three digits are SUS.

Suspense is a new concept for UGA.  After payroll has processed, the payroll transactions are batched together for interface over to the UGA Financial Management System, if there is no active combo code to fund the position the expenditure transaction will be charged to a suspense combo code.

There will be one suspense combination code for each intermediate unit.  Each unit will be responsible for correcting (clearing) payroll transactions posting to suspense.

Combo codes are created in the UGA Financial Management System and are messaged over to OneUSG Connect. Central Commitment Accounting will maintain combo codes.  Departments can request a new combo code, request a combo code be inactivated, or request a change to the description of a combo code.  The chartfields associated with a combo code cannot be changed.

Combo codes will be created for all chartstrings currently being used for payroll expenditures. 

Documentation/Reference Information:

Active Combo Codes can be found by running the Combo Code Query in the System Manager Reporting Workcenter in OneUSG Connect.
Project Related Combo Codes with Funding End Date
Suspense Combo Codes
Request a New Combo Code


Page Last Updated: 03/14/2019