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OneUSG Connect - Staff Bi-Weekly Important Tips

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Note:  This communication was distributed on January 3, 2019 to all UGA staff who are paid bi-weekly.

On December 16, 2018, the University of Georgia began using the OneUSG Connect system as our new human resources and payroll system.

As the University begins processing payroll for the first time using this new system, there are several steps you should take to help ease the transition.

Please review the Faculty and Staff Guide, which includes helpful resources and tips to help you use the new system. The guide includes:

Since our use of the new system corresponds with the start of a new calendar year, several things will affect the amount of your January paychecks, including:

  • Beginning with the January 4th paycheck you will see:
    • Any 2019 tax rate changes
    • Any court-ordered deductions such as child support, tax levies, or garnishments will be reflected as one garnishment deduction. 
  • Beginning with the January 18th paycheck you will see:
    • Changes you made to your benefits during open enrollment and any associated rate changes.
    • Any merit raise that you received, effective on January 1. If you received a merit raise, we encourage you to login to the new system and view your Compensation History to verify that your merit increase is accurately reflected; if you feel that this is not accurately reflected, please bring it to the attention of your supervisor. 

When you see your University System of Georgia (USG) job code and title in the new system, it may be different from your official UGA job title (or working title). As a part of this transition to a USG-wide payroll system, each employee has been assigned a USG job category. Your official UGA job title (or working title) and supervisor have not changed and can be verified by checking your directory entry at

Pay dates for calendar year 2019 are available on the 2019 Annual Payroll Processing Calendar.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your patience during this transition. Please contact us at or 706-542-0202 if you have questions or need assistance using the new system.