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Academic Year Pay

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


For the upcoming academic year, UGA is working with the USG team to implement a new OneUSG Connect feature called Academic Year Pay (AYP) for faculty in the 18F pay group. All USG institutions are required to  to Academic Year Pay in the summer months. Making this move now will allow USG's IT team to prioritize UGA-specific needs during our transition, which helps to mitigate risk. Note: This will not affect anyone’s compensation at all and the change will not be noticeable for most UGA employees. But, there are some things that practitioners will need to know.

Payroll Encumbrances 

  • The first payroll encumbrance of FY22 ran on Friday, July 23. 
  • The first full payroll encumbrance of FY22, which included academic year faculty, ran on Friday, July 30. 

Impacts of this change

  • In reports and queries, compensation rates will be shown as annual rates rather than monthly rates. 
  • A new "C10" (rather than "M10") pay frequency has been added to represent academic year pay. 
  • Business staff will need to fund supplements separately for faculty in the 18F paygroup (academic year faculty) in order for them to encumber. This will not affect actual compensation at all. 12% of 18F faculty currently have supplements. More details on this process are below. 
  • If academic year faculty wish to use the paycheck modeler, they will need to use the edit function to enter their earnings; contract compensation will not auto-populate.

Benefits of this change 

  • There will be significant reduction in the number of future-dated rows, which means less manual processing and improved automation options.
  • There will be significant improvements and time savings in BPSS, particularly when coupled with the new summer pay processes.
  • Units will no longer need to worry about Short Work Break (SWB) or Return from Work Break (RWB) for academic year faculty. 
  • Supplements (Multiple Components of Pay) can be funded completely separately from regular earnings.  
  • Reduced margin for human error.

How to fund supplements for 18F faculty

Video walkthrough to change position funding, including funding supplements: