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Programs & Change Management


Our team operates with passion. We take pride in our work. We believe in innovation and empowerment. We are connectors – working with all units across the institution and beyond on a regular basis.  We strive to leave the University of Georgia a little better than we found it each day. We believe in developing exceptional team members for growth and advancement, and we believe that every member of our team is a leader.


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Our mission is to accelerate innovation and share ideas, to make information easy to find and simple to use, and to help our University community better serve one another, our state and our world.

Our vision is for a Univeristy on the leading edge of innovation,  taking smart risks and learning from our failures, and leveraging our collective experiences to move one step closer to solving the world's grand challenges every day.  
  • We believe that our work can genuinely change lives and change the world. Even the hard days are a privilege.
  • We provide results, not excuses.
  • We believe in humility and gratitude.
  • We give our best in even the most menial of tasks, knowing that if we do the small things well, the big things will follow.
  • We embrace the personal, cultural and intellectual diversity of our team and are committed to upholding a welcoming climate of respect and inclusiveness.
  • We believe that when we approach challenges from diverse vantage points, we can to solve problems more effectively. We value creative solutions. 
  • We believe in trying new things and taking smart risks. If we fail, we pivot and try something else.
  • We strive to overwhelmingly impress.
  • We strive to provide the utmost quality of service.
  • We are decisive in the face of change and uncertainty.
  • We find ways to increase our value and seek out opportunities for growth.
  • We make evidence-based decisions, but do not allow analysis to paralyze action.
  • We communicate candidly and directly. A culture of candor and authenticity makes us stronger.
  • We seek out ways to help others, including customers and team members.
  • We are connectors at our core. We look for ways to fortify relationships and connect with others every day.
  • We believe that inclusion, active participation, and quality information will advance our University.
  • We believe that boundaryless open minds and radical transparency effect change.
  • We believe in the good of the whole over the individual.
  • We respond to others in a timely and professional fashion.
  • We set and communicate realistic expectations. And, we consistently strive to exceed expectations.
  • We value each other's time.
  • We actively look for areas to create dialogue.
  • We aim to give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
  • We aim to epitomize professionalism in our actions.
  • We aim to make information simple, organized, timely and effective.
  • When in doubt, we ask.
  • We pride ourselves on attention to detail and forethought.
  • We will be comfortable with uncertainty until we can find the best solution.
  • We believe that effective communication and transformational learning are cornerstones of a top-flight organization.
  • We believe that most problems have a solution if you look hard enough.
  • We lean into challenges and conflict because constructive discourse is often the fastest way to the best solution.
  • We look out for one another, take responsibility and do not shift blame.
  • We relentlessly challenge the way things have always been done in pursuit of constant improvement.
  • We say “Thank You” to everyone.
  • We start with "Yes" until otherwise convinced.
  • We strive to be at the forefront of all campus-facing information by providing accurate and timely communications.
  • We strive to meet your needs by listening.
  • We strive to be strategic, transparent and trustworthy to help build a more knowledgeable and more nimble University.

Every day we are coming up with innovative solutions to the world’s problems and changing lives. At UGA, we are feeding the hungry; we are curing disease; we are lifting families to new heights; we are helping students realize their potential; and much more. When we view our careers through this lens – through the impact of lives changed across the globe – we work with a purpose.

Andrew Chung

Our why originates from our passion for the University of Georgia and this keeps us pushing forward. We seek to enable others to excel in their work and help advance the university. We strive to assist others in embodying their best selves and personally, I aim to work to facilitate the needs of others to elevate the University to its full potential. I’m so grateful to be employed at the University of Georgia and have the ability to positively impact this community.  


Andrew Kersh

The greatest fulfillment in my career so far has been someone telling me I’ve made their job better or easier. This impacts both my choice to join this team and the decisions I make on a daily basis. My goal is to make the workplace somewhere my coworkers look forward to being.


Ben Nunley

Why is about being of service to the UGA business and administrative community.  We want to equip the UGA community to efficiently and effectively perform their roles, so that UGA can be the gold standard for professionalism in business practices as well as a leader in higher education.

Carolyn Payton

I have had the opportunity in my career to work for several universities and start-up companies. I am a creative at heart and I am always looking for creative solutions to improve process and outgoing communications. It has been exciting to collect and implement numerous ideas for process improvement in all the phases of my 20+ year career. I strive to help make information easy to find and most importantly, easy to understand. Helping people find solutions and answers quickly is the best part my job as a creative communicator. 

Cedric Sanders

During my time as a doctoral student at UGA, my professors constantly challenged me to grow.  One result of the growth I experienced from my doctoral research was an increase in my desire and goal to work and serve post Doc at The University of Georgia.  For me, “why” equates to my desire as an UGA employee to give back what I gained as a doctoral student and my appreciation for the opportunity to earn my doctoral degree from a flagship, research one, university. So, “why” not work for the top institution of higher education in the state of Georgia?  Fortunately, as a member of the training team, in the Finance and Administration department, I am fulfilling my “why” by providing quality instructional materials to assist our staff and faculty members in carrying out their roles and responsibilities as employees of The University of Georgia.


Shawn Hill

In a former life, I led a corporate office division. I loved my work – it was challenging and invigorating. I had amazing colleagues. But, something was missing. I started to wonder what I would later think, at the sunset of a 40+ year career, about how I spent my life’s work. At the University of Georgia, we’re feeding the hungry; we’re curing disease and improving public health; we’re helping small businesses succeed; we’re helping those in poverty lift themselves up; we’re educating the next generation of leaders; we’re driving innovation and coming up with better solutions to the world’s problems. It is a noble and aspirational mission. And, all members of the University community, from the President to the researchers to the instructors to those in entry level staff positions, are part of it. Together, we are all changing lives and changing the world. That is why I am driven to give a little more in everything we do.


Talia Locarnini

Ever since I was little, I can remember wanting to help people. What that looks like has evolved over time, but helping people remains the core tenet of what I do and who I hope to be. Working at an institution like UGA, whose guiding mission revolves around solving grand challenges and making a better future for all, gives me untold opportunities to help others every day. Working on the OneSource team gives me the chance not only to help with what’s already in place, but to shape what will come next in the hopes that even more people will benefit because of it. Every day I have the chance to work alongside an incredible team of world-changers and see a tangible impact that I am helping to make in our community.