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OneUSG Connect Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The OneUSG Connect Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide descriptions of specific OneUSG Connect processes from beginning to end. Some processes may span several UGA/USG systems (e.g., UGAJobs, OneUSG Connect, UGA Financial Management System, IDM, etc.) and others may require activities outside OneUSG Connect (such as completing a TeamDynamix form) as part of the process. The SOPs complement, but do not replace, the available training materials and tutorials found in the OneSource Training Library.

OneUSG Connect SOPs

  • SOP_PAY_001 Add or Modify a Pay Group
  • SOP_PAY_002 Add or Modify an Earnings Code
  • SOP_PAY_003 Add or Modify a Deduction Code
  • SOP_PAY_004 Add or Modify Company Tax Data
  • SOP_PAY_005 Update and Maintain EE Level Tax Data
  • SOP_PAY_006 Add EE Level New State
  • SOP_PAY_007 Non-Resident Alien Tax Set-Up
  • SOP_PAY_008 Request and Process Supplemental Pay
  • SOP_PAY_009 Payroll Processing Cut-Off Schedule
  • SOP_PAY_010 Pre-Payroll Process (Day 1)
  • SOP_PAY_011 On Cycle Payroll Processing (Day 2-3)
  • SOP_PAY_012 Summer Payroll Processing (Day 2-3)
  • SOP_PAY_013 Post Payroll Processes
  • SOP_PAY_014 Off Cycle Payroll Processing
  • SOP_PAY_015 Check Reversal in HCM Processing
  • SOP_PAY_016 Taxable Travel Expense Reimbursements
  • SOP_PAY_017 Retroactive Pay Process
  • SOP_PAY_018 Retro Benefit Deductions
  • SOP_PAY_019 Garnishment Processing
  • SOP_PAY_020 Balance Adjustments
  • SOP_PAY_024 Tax Notice Processing
  • SOP_PAY_025 Tax Balancing after Payroll, Month End, Quarter End
  • SOP_PAY_026 Tax Amendment Processing
  • SOP_PAY_027 Calendar Year-End Processes
  • SOP_PAY_028 CAES Payments Split Between UGA and County Agencies

 Page Last Modified:  01/16/19