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OneSource FAQs for HR Professionals 


Actions related to position changes and hiring should take place in UGAJobs.

Actions related to funding, and time and attendance, should take place in OneUSG Connect. 

More information is available in the HR Practitioners Go-Live presentation

More information about current systems, and plans for those systems moving forward are available on the Systems Changes Resources page. 

More information about payroll and HR changes can be found on the Key HR/Payroll Changes Resource page.

The Personnel Action/System Matrix is a quick reference to assist with which system will now be used to initiate common personnel-related actions. 

Time and Attendance

Per USG policy, a non-exempt employee must be paid for a minimum of 3 hours. Effective December 16, 2018, this policy must be adhered to by all UGA units. 

The practitioner will use a “Call in Pay” Time Reporting Code for the hours that the employee is called in. This code automatically will generate the Call In Guarantee of up to 3 hours if the employee does not work long enough, so the unit does not need to manually add any extra time.

No. Non-exempt employees without benefits cannot earn compensatory time. 

These employees can earn overtime pay.

Currently, time administrators can look up and update information in Kronos such as Time Entry Method, Time Clock Group, Overtime, Comp Time, Shift Differentials, Auto Meal Deduction, Pay From Schedule, etc.

  • In OneUSG Connect, these actions will be centralized and managers will need to submit a request to the Central Office to have these areas updated.
  • System Managers will need to run a query to see how employees are setup. System Managers require access to run the query.

Employees auto enroll into time and labor based on their pay group.

Salaried Biweekly:  Auto enroll as manual time entry and earning comp time (18H employees).

Hourly Biweekly:  Auto enroll as manual time entry and overtime (18C, 18T, and 18W employees).

The only exception is that departments who use the Kaba Clock will be auto-enrolled into the correct Kaba Grouping and the correct overtime/comp time set up.

If managers want their employees to be set up differently than this auto enrollment, or if they want to make changes to their employees, they will need to fill out a “Enroll/Update Time Reporter” form through Team Dynamix at the time of hire or at the time of the change.

No, wet signatures are no longer required for Federal work study students/employees. Federal work study students/employees will use OneUSG connect to submit their time.  

Hiring and Benefits

If the employee is a new hire or moving to benefits eligible status, you should complete the personnel before their hire date. 

This information must be in IMS or OneUSG Connect before the employee can enroll in benefits or a retirement plan. 

Completing the personnel in advance ensures that your new employee is able to enroll in benefits or a retirement plan on their first day of work. 

Please be aware that employee name changes will affect how an employee is represented in the benefits system. 

As part of the process for posting a position in UGAJobs, information will be requested to determine if the position is benefits-eligible.  

Benefits-eligible positions must be approved by OneUSG Connect Benefits before the position is filled. 

Departmental HR professionals should notify UGA Central HR as soon as possible before an employee transfers to another USG institution. Central HR should also be notified as soon as possible for employees transferring from another USG institution to UGA. This ensures a smooth transfer of benefits. 

The employee's last day of work at UGA should be the day before their first day of work at the new USG institution, including Saturdays and Sundays. Annual leave may be used to bridge any gap between their last day of work at UGA and their first day of work at their new USG institution. 

A terminated employee will have benefits through the end of the month of their last day worked/last day as an active employee and premiums will be deducted from their pay.

A employee's termination date is the first day they are inactive, not the last day worked.  

Position Management

In OneUSG Connect,, all employees will have their own position.  To manage these, we will utilize UGAJobs for hiring of all employee types, including student workers, graduate students, part-time faculty, retire-rehires, etc.  We will convert all current employees in December 2018 and they will exist in their own unique positions in both UGAJobs and OneUSG Connect for our December 16 start date.

Additional information about Position Management is on the Position Management and HR Reports To Resource Page.

Termination actions in OneUSG Connect will vacate the position in UGAJobs and allow you to manage these positions.

These termination actions need to be processed for ALL employee types.

  • If a termination record is not processed:
    • For monthly and academic employees, they will continue to be paid even if they have no funding record.
    • For hourly employees, they will remain as active employees in the systems and be able to log hours, retain benefits, etc.

Information about these position types are found here.


HR Reports To

1. For employees that have positions already recorded in UGAjobs, the Supervisor  will be set as the Reports-To Manager in OneUSG Connect.

2. For non-benefits employees whose positions will be converted into both UGAJobs and OneUSG Connect in December, the Reports-to Manager name will be set by default to the current financial Department Head, on record in the legacy systems. 

Additional information regarding HR Reports To is available on the HR Reports To Resource Page.

With the transition to OneUSG Connect, the source data of HR Reports To information is UGAJobs for all employee types. All updates will need to be made in UGAJobs.

MyDs- Automatically Provision Employee MyIDs

New hires within OneUSG Connect that have an effective date within 2 weeks and an alternate email address assigned, will have their MyID auto provisioned.

Departments that have new hires that do not meet those conditions may still request a MyID account via TeamDynamix:

Department HR practitioners can use the Identity Management (IDM) tools to review their new hire identity information, including their MyID.

At times, identities partially match an existing identity.  In these cases, the identity must be reviewed for validity and confirm that is it is an existing or new individual to ensure that it is correctly assigned in the Identity Management (IDM) system.

Last Modified:  01/17/19